…nope, still nothing. Sorry. Writing takes TIME and MOTIVATION, and, more importantly, they both have to happen simultaneously. The times I most feel like writing are usually 1. at work, or 2. during my morning commute. (Never the evening commute, because I’m too tired by then.) So, although I’ve had a number of good ideas and tons of moments of stroking my chin thinking, “I should really work on writing,” I haven’t been productive at all.

I did, however, find this link about being an internet content creator, which is really entertaining. It’s a little bit long, but it will only take you a few minutes to read. The Oatmeal is pretty cool. Very cute animation, clever humor (but not pretentiously clever). I enjoy looking at it from time to time.

A few more food adventures have happened, which you can read on my other blog. The blog evolution process has begun: No-Recipe Life will be the dwelling place for all of my life and food goings-on, and this site will become devoted to actual creative writing, rather than the glorified livejournal I’ve sometimes thought it is… I will not be going back to delete previous journal-style posts, but from now on it will be strictly writing with the occasional update-y post, like this one. If you like hearing about what I do with my time and random crap like that, hang out on No-Recipe Life and you will.

My last post was a sort of experimental multi-media idea. I had these thoughts pop up while Running Up That Hill played in my head, and I figured it would work better if I posted the video along with the text. As a side note, you should go check out the Placebo and Within Temptation covers of that song. Both are very good.

If I try really hard, I might be able to shake off some of the life-stress, and then it might be easier to convince myself to write. For now I think I’ll just try to make this headache go away.

Do You Want to Feel How It Feels?

I’ve been wondering what this song is actually about. The basic meaning, or overall feeling, or whatever, is pretty much self-evident. Looking deeper than that, it could mean a bunch of things. Is it just a grass-is-greener statement (“with no problems”)? Is it “look what you did to me”? Is it “if only you could understand how I feel”? Maybe I’m overthinking it–probably, since I always do that–but it doesn’t seem clear to me. And is it based on Kate Bush’s real life, or just taken from an idea that sprung into her head, or a story she read, or something like that? Do you ever listen to very emotional songs written in the first person and wonder whether they’re true to the performer?


[also, the video is extremely weird, and might actually be the reason I’m so confused]