Happy? New.

It’s a new year again. Obviously. As usual it seems weird that we use a different number to refer to the year, but that’s only because we got used to the number 2012. As they say, “this too shall pass.” …uuugggghhhhhh.

And of course, just at the turn of the year, I start getting a sick. I don’t seem to have any flu symptoms, so I think it’s just a cold. I hope so, anyway, because I can’t afford to be sick. I stayed home today because I needed more sleep and rest and my persistent cough is not conducive to working. I would rather be well and able to go to work, even though it’s so cold out right now that I might actually want to die if I went outside. In addition, living independently means that no one’s going to go out and get me cough medicine, so, kind of screwed there too.

I never make new year’s resolutions because they’re nearly impossible to keep. I have a theory about that. If you’d like to know what it is, comment or send me a message and maybe I’ll post about it. I do think that it will be a good introduction to the new year on this blog if I briefly take stock of my 2012. Aaaaand… go.


This year I went to three (?) weddings. Everyone’s jumping on the marriage train… (I’m just kidding. I’m very happy for them.)

I got a new job, editorial assistant for a small publisher. Although it’s not ideal in many ways, I get to hone my editing skills and work on creating books! So it’s good. Also, for the first time (ever, maybe?) I only have one job. It’s not full time and I’m not really making enough money, but, close enough for now, and I’m looking for a way to supplement it.

I wrote very little this past year. I was not a writer in 2012. I would love to say that I will finish a novel or get published this year, but such ideas have not yet actually worked, so I won’t say that I will. I’ll just try.

Other than that, nothing of note really happened in 2012. Some things got better, and other things got worse, so I came out in pretty much the same place. I have ideas for where I want to go from here, but I don’t really see that happening anytime soon.

And now, it’s 2013, which means that I’m going to be turning 26. I’ll be off my mom’s health insurance (thanks for the arbitrary age cutoff, btw), I’ll have complicated taxes this year, and I can’t think of anything in particular to be excited about. So…

End Times!

The new year’s almost here. Time for a writing update.

Anyone remember this post? Here’s the follow-up on that… the answer is no, I did not make a Twitter account and enter this contest. I did intend to, but when I was reading the prompt, I couldn’t come up with any ideas that worked with their theme – at least, nothing that would have been interesting or original. Nothing I’ve already written would have worked. So I left that one aside, and procrastinated on my other writing instead.

Also, in reference to that post, I want to apologize to Twitter users… it may have come across that I think using Twitter is in some way reprehensible (and I guess that would depend entirely on how you use it), and that’s not what I meant. If you like Twitter, good for you. I just don’t feel like it’s for me, at least not for now.

As for my other writing, you’ve already seen most of what I’ve worked on lately. I posted it here. I fully intend to start working on some of my bigger projects again soon, and some of the short stories I’ve been looking at more recently. Biggest frustration at the moment, other than the m key that sticks, is the missing flash drive. I’m pretty sure it’s not going to turn up at this point, and in any case I can’t wait until it does. I’m kind of pissed, actually, because I was sure I had printed out the revised versions of the Krishna stories, but I can only find the first draft versions. Now I have to do the second drafts over again. And I had at least two of the stories just the way I wanted them. Goddamnit.

But not all is bad. I had a pretty great Christmas. I have a few cool new books to inspire me, a nice stash of chocolate, some new music to write to, and a smartphone – so now I can check my blog when I’m not at home. If I’m inspired when I’m out, I can post right away, and then obsessively keep track of how many views I’m getting. Sounds awesome, right?