Bag Blogger! No Cookie!

When I created this space for sharing my writing, I was sure that I would NEVER have a lapse in posting, maybe a little more than a week at the most. I would push myself when I needed to and gain tons of faithful readers and blog posts would just fly from my keyboard without effort. I know, that whole idea seems very, very unrealistic.

Not least because, in order to get that many people to read your blog, you have to be famous already or just have that easily visible je ne sais quoi. (Mine is harder to notice – probably because I never post anymore…) But who wants an obvious je ne sais quoi?

Now I seem to have become one of those neglectful bloggers who leaves my lovely little blog all alone, its spirit drooping as time goes on…

Of course, I notice that people haven’t been checking back every so often to see if I’ve posted anything new. If they were I would have a few more site views.

Ah well, I sigh and move on.

I thought I would make myself write something today, because June is almost over. That’s right, we’re almost in July! It’s crazy, right? Somehow time always flies… And why have I only posted a few times in early June? Lack of time and inspiration, I guess. I’ve been working six days a week, usually, and although I wish I were writing more, I just don’t hear that voice of my muse much these days. I believe that if I had more time, then it would be easier to get into the habit, and it would come more easily, but who knows? Maybe it’s actually something I’m doing wrong…

I might write another Another Life later today. Get some actual creative posts up. Check later!