All Potential, No Realization?

I wondered aloud the other day if I should try just starting on all the writing projects that have been bouncing around in my head for ages, and working on whichever one appealed to me at the time. I’ve been considering this approach for a while, never actually trying it because it seems like I’d never finish anything, and I’d just have hundreds of unfinished stories waiting for completion on my computer or in my papers. 

The thing is, I already don’t finish anything now, without having multiple projects currently in progress (in terms of me doing any regular work on them, that is). And I keep having new ideas. So many ideas. Maybe it really would make more sense to just start all of the projects, and see what happens. 


Any thoughts? Any hope?

In Progress

Here are two short story projects that have been sitting on the shelf (figuratively) for ages now.

1. Cleopatra’s Barge – a story about a young homeless woman. I’m now thinking that it should be split into two stories; one strictly abstract-ish, from the woman’s point of view, and the other in the style of reporting, explaining why she is homeless and written as if by someone observing her. A third-person omniscient. It wouldn’t be specified in the stories that they’re connected, but it would be fairly obvious to anyone who read both.

2. Creme Brulee – relating the narrator’s experiences with the dessert compared to her relationship (or lack of one) to a certain love interest.

One has a completed draft, but needs a lot of work before it can be allowed to see daylight again. The other barely has a page written, and also needs much work before there would be any point sharing it. I very much like the ideas of both of them (a good sign). Sound interesting?

Coming Soon: an author bio page. Look for it under “Pages.”