A Little Levity

Some awesome rhyming/alliterative phrases I’ve come across in the past month or two while editing:

Classic Jurassic (we’re publishing a paleontology book. Why?… we’re still kind of wondering…)

Judicial officials

voluminous oeuvre (my favorite)



and I wish I had something more to say on this… I really wish I could share some of the typos that result in hilarious sentences, but that seems inappropriate. I’ll just have to enjoy them myself.

My First World Problems

1. I’m addicted to pizza. I’m pretty sure it’s official at this point.

2. I haven’t had chocolate for at least three days since really, really wanting some. When I go grocery shopping, I am definitely going to get some chocolate. (However, I do have some whipped cream in my fridge and the other day I ate some. Plain.)

3. I can’t ever seem to have enough shoes.

4. Modcloth – any time I buy the thing I want most from the site, they add new stock that I want at least that much…

5. My laptop is too big to be convenient for travel. Great for watching dvds, though – although the speakers aren’t great for that.

6. My ipod battery runs out so quickly.

7. So many books. So little time…


Feel free to suggest more fwp’s, or add your own, in the comments.