Five Things Friday: November 15, 2012

No to thinking! I’ve been stuck on the What Would I Say? thing today, because absurdity makes me laugh, so, that should be enough explanation of that.

Five of the best statuses from today:


dude. Cheese is an animal product. You’re such a Russian lit class at least 5 years ago.


the clams may have to regret this later.


Must bring more smoothies into multiple gmail accounts, and then I thought, ugh, rain.


Money should move to Boston.


All of English tends toward the approach of the wealth of psychos.


This last one is like a line from a hipster poem.

Don’t start using this site if you’re under a pressing deadline or just want to get things done.

NaNoWriMo update sometime in the next few days–hoping I’ll manage to squeeze in a fair bit of writing this weekend. That’s all for now. Just a few more hours and you’re done. My foot joined in! (bonus entry: this keeps coming up when I click the “generate status” button)