Five Things Friday: September 6, 2013

Today has been… um, yeah. None of my productivity plans happened. I probably shouldn’t be surprised. And I bought a few, fairly inexpensive things, which I kind of shouldn’t have. Having paid some of my bills and done some shopping, I’ve pretty much spent all the money I can until my next paycheck. At the end of the month. FFfffffffuuuu…

This will probably just be an admission of stupidity, but I want you to know that I tried to go to the new Cambridge Open Market today, and I could not find it. I walked around Harvard Square, didn’t see any signs pointing to any particular area or any hints of vendors. I was only a little bit annoyed, because it was a nice day and I like Harvard Square in general… even if I have to go by myself. But seriously, where the hell was the Open Market hiding? I was so confused. The directions on their site just lead to the Hvd. Sq. area–directions that I didn’t need, because everyone in Boston knows how to get there.

For the reason of just being lazy, I have no goals for the rest of the day. I probably COULD get something done, but I’m really not in the mood to try. I wish I had a good excuse, so maybe I wouldn’t feel so guilty about that. So I just figured I would go right to the blog posting, in case I go out later and am too tired when I get home.

These are just five thoughts from the week. Whatever is prominent in my mind right now.

1. Today, there was a woman on the train drink what looked like chia seeds in milk (or almond milk, soy milk, something like that). Or maybe bugs. And it wasn’t a disposable cup she was using, it was a real glass (could have been plastic, I didn’t have a chance to check) like someone would use in their home or in a restaurant. Generally, I think people should just do whatever works for them, including taking a glass of chia seed bugs on the train, but it still struck me as weird.

2. I’ve been feeling nostalgic for the time I used to spend at my grandparents’ house in Connecticut. When I was little I would go spend a week there during the summer, and it was great. I ate well, I got to watch Nickelodeon and the Disney channel, and MTV (back when they used to play music videos). I would read a lot, hang out with Nina in the kitchen while she made cookies or a pie or dinner. We would walk down the streets to the tennis courts. There was only one year I actually played any tennis.

I haven’t spent much time in Bridgeport for many years now. I haven’t thought about it much, actually. But lately I miss it. Or I miss being young and having the option, even the NEED to go away for a week just to pass some more time.

3. There are eight different nail polishes out on the table by my bed. I have no idea what they’re all doing there. I’ve only used three or so of them in the past month. I really should start putting things like that away after I use them. I also have about six different lotions within arm’s reach right now. I never use more than one at a time.

4. My current read, Murakami’s Hard-Boiled Wonderland and the End of the World, is the best book I’ve read in a long time. It’s fantastic, both in the literary sense and the I-love-this-thing sense. I’m not usually sad when I finish a book, like some people are, I guess because it doesn’t occur to them that they can re-read it whenever they want, but I think I might actually be a little disappointed when this ends. Because I’ll want more. Was that clear? I don’t mean I won’t like the ending. It’s always possible, but I doubt it.

5.  I’ve had quite a few moments recently of that strong urge to write. I need to fill up some pages! I thought. I need to tell stories!

Unfortunately it never happens when I have the time and tools in front of me. I’m serious. I know it sounds like an excuse, but it’s the truth. And you should see my computer setup. It is not a comfortable or productivity-inspiring area. If anything, it promotes just clicking on related youtube videos for hours. What am I gonna do? Almost any time I have the time to write, I’m too tired.

Bonus thought: pumpkin chai is delicious, but it’s better if you drink it before it gets cold.


Hello there blogworld. I haven’t had any good ideas for flashes lately, and I haven’t done any other writing either. So. I feel like talking about things I’ve done recently instead.

I was thinking of titling this post Adventures in Loneliness, but then that seemed depressing.

I’ll start with Friday, since I don’t remember doing anything interesting before that. Friday is, in a normal week, my weekday off, since I’m not employed full time. I made a haircut appointment at a really quirky salon in Porter Square. I was probably overdue for a haircut. I usually am. I headed over a little early. My excuse for getting a pumpkin spice latte was that I wanted change to tip my hairdresser. Fun fact: Panera is yet another place that does it better than Starbucks. I don’t like the Starbucks pumpkin spice. Too sugary.

The person who did my hair was an older guy, who I’m 95% sure was gay (you never know, but he did talk about Ru Paul’s Drag Race). He was nice, and did a good job with my hair. I do not like my hair. It doesn’t cooperate. I wish it was thicker, and shinier, and redder. I want to dye it again soon.

After I got my hair done I had planned to walk around Porter Square a little, then go home. But I was meeting a friend in Harvard Square later on, and going all the way home only to have to make the same trip again later… so I opted to walk around Cambridge for 5 hours instead. First I took Groupon over to Nomad for some discounted merchandise, which is one of my favorite things ever. I got some gemstone earrings to wear with my fancy steampunk necklace, and postcard with vegetable people on it. After Nomad, where everything is cool but too expensive, I walked to Harvard Square, went to Anthropologie and did NOT spend all my money. That’s an accomplishment. There was a guy playing an upright piano on the sidewalk. I didn’t have any bills left for his donation basket and I felt bad.

I walked to Inman Square after that via Central. Inman square is a pretty cool place. I don’t remember seeing anything but restaurants. Walked by a pizza place that smelled so good, I almost stopped there. I was on my way to Bom Cafe (for more discounted stuff), but it turned out it had just closed for the day. Very frustrating. Back to Central, went to Life Alive and had a smoothie for dinner. It was called Eros Alive.

At that point I headed back to Harvard Square. One more stop, couldn’t help myself – went to Newbury Comics, just to browse. Some kid said to his friend “Have you heard of Massive Attack?” just as I was moving on from looking at the Massive Attack cds. I was amused whether it was intentional or not. I ended up buying another David Bowie cd. Wanted Aladdin Sane. Will get it eventually. Walking by Sweet, couldn’t help stepping inside, and then of course HAD to get a pumpkin pie cupcake. I was compelled. After about an hour in The Coop, browsing fiction (I want that Miranda July book – I think that was her name, anyway), I finally went to Peet’s, where I was meeting my friend. Very tired at that point. Walking around for 5 hours is tiring. Especially by yourself.

Saturday was mostly uneventful. I had a talk or something. I can’t remember actually doing anything.

Sunday I went to SOWA open market for their last Sunday of the year. They were holding the Market of the Living Dead. It was the very beginning of Sandy. It started raining a little while I was out. It was kind of cold – my fingers suffered a little. I didn’t really see a lot of living dead. Almost no one was in costume aside from the vendors. I was wearing my skeleton t-shirt, so that was my costume. I tried not to spend much. Got like 6 business cards, should have taken more. The picture below was a nice highlight.

The Zombie Percent


Now this post is getting really long. Next day, Monday, was hurricane day. I didn’t try to go to work (and it turns out they weren’t expecting me to). It was very windy and rainy. I considered stepping outside but I wanted to just be cozy indoors. Nature in Boston? :/. I spent a lot of time watching Netflix with headphones so I could hear it. Finally saw Mirror Mirror. Wasn’t overly impressed with the acting, but the cinematography and storytelling were cool. The animation bit in the beginning was pretty awesome. Guessed the twist ending long before they revealed it. I thought I should lay around and read instead, but I felt too tired. Reading’s not lazy enough.

Today was an average Tuesday. Tomorrow is Halloween. As a young-ish person in America I know I’m supposed to get excited about putting on a cool/creative/sexy costume and doing some kind of partying, but I have absolutely no enthusiasm for Halloween. Wish I did.