Time and Money, the Worst Things In the World

Ok, I know there’s a reason for the calendar to be the way it is, and it has to do with freaking SCIENCE – physics, calculations, earth’s rotations and revolutions. Nevermind that leap year thing, this is probably as close as they can get. But I can’t help feeling like they did it wrong, leaving us with a distinct lack of time to get anything done.

I mean, think about it. Wouldn’t it be great to have eight-day weeks–three-day weekends every single time–and five-week months? An extra weekend day to make trips and projects more doable. Another week’s pay before you have to shell out for all those bills. Yes. YES. What a glorious idea. It would make life so much easier. We can all relax now.

But it wouldn’t solve anything, really. The bills would just cost more, and the deadlines would be moved up, and we’d all be clamoring for FOUR-day weekends because those three days were spent on Netflix and we just need ONE MORE DAY and we’ll actually use it to get things done. Or so we say.

It’s not the calendar guys’ fault. It’s whoever decided that people should be constantly doing or paying for something. We should all just calm the hell down.