Another Life #4

Once I was a willow, growing at the side of a river just where it emptied into the sea. I trailed my bright leaves in the flowing water while wind murmured through my branches. Many beings passed their lifetimes beneath my reaching arms, but to me it went as moments. I borrowed salt from the ocean for my tears, drinking it through my roots only to return it to the waves.

Another Life #3

One night, I walked down a street devoid of other pedestrians and passing cars, lit only by the white glow of street lamps. I had bundled in scarf and coat against the cold and headed out, walking nowhere, letting the crisp air refresh my lungs. I wished I had someone to walk with me. Out of the colorless sky, pristine snow began to fall gently. The flakes turned the ground to a pure white blanket, and settled softly on my shoulders and in my hair. I held out a gloved hand to catch a few. Under the streetlight, the new snow twinkled atop pavement and grass. It made me smile. I watched the snow falling, walking slowly along the peaceful street, until it grew too cold to stay out. Once inside, I watched in the bathroom mirror as the snowflakes slowly disappeared from my hair.

Another Life #2

Happiness will be my natural state. Spirited grace will lead every movement I make, and music pour from my lips with every sound. I will pass the time in bliss for the beauty of the world as it is; moments of sadness will only be another kind of beauty. I will be the Goddess of Joy. I will fill my life with adventure, generosity, enjoyment, and wonder. I will make all around me warm and loved.


Another life #1