[?] …Things Friday

Uh oh… WordPress seems to be doing that thing Facebook has done so often–change the appearance of the site without any notice to its users. Supposedly it’s meant to be an improvement, but I hate the new look. I miss the feeds of a few months ago. Of course, after a while I know I’ll get used to it and I won’t even remember what it used to look like. That doesn’t mean I’m not annoyed right now.

The one thing that bothers me MOST is that the “New Post” button up in the corner doesn’t take you to the same new post page that you get to on your dashboard, but rather to some oversimplified page that you have to save as a draft if you’re going to add categories or certain other features before posting. It doesn’t make sense to me. And I hate posting from that page. So I guess I’ll just keep going from the dashboard…

I just keep wondering, why is all the type so huge in the feeds? That’s not necessary. You know browsers have the ability to zoom for people who can’t see well. There is no need to attack the rest of us with enormous fonts.

There was no Halloween story written. I didn’t finish either of the two (actually three) novels I’m currently reading. I didn’t clean my room and the grape tomatoes I have left might not be good anymore.

As you might have seen, I posted about my NaNoWriMo plans, which means that the usual Five Things Friday posts I do here might be pushed aside so I can get my word count done. As these are the only regular posts I make of late, that might mean a very distinct lack of posts this month. Well, you can either forgive me or get off my blog, I guess.

Like just about everyone else I know, my life is not conducive to productivity in the things I actually want to do. Brain-tiring work, long commute, lack of proper home workstation for writing, the ever-growing mess that seems to be my apartment… and, I can’t lie, the abundance of shows and miscellaneous videos available online all converge to form this perfect recipe for laziness, procrastination, or moping. Or all three. While I KNOW that it would be much easier and more helpful to change my attitude than my circumstances, I honestly want to glare ACTUAL daggers at anyone who would say this to me. You, person who says this, are not acknowledging the fact that it’s fucking hard to make that change. Stop talking as if it’s actually simple. You moron.

Pardon me. I get a bit angry sometimes. I should work on that. Or maybe other people could work on having common sense.

Anyway, the point was that I am sick of the layout of my life causing me to continuously run into walls. I’m in a horror-movie corn maze, I reach a dead end, and I turn around only to find that another wall has grown over behind me, leaving me completely enclosed in a small square of open space. I keep having the desires to do productive, creative things, but the timing is ALWAYS, always, always wrong. I am sure this is a construct of my brain (in some cases, at least), subconsciously pushing me to just procrastinate because whatever else I was going to do (like going out to buy a latte) just seems more important. Because I thought of it first.

I’m sick of this week, too. This week should have been over two days ago, in my opinion.

Since I am just completely fed up with the growing pile of ideas that have been thrown on the procrastination heap, I want to try to change my habits and my routines. All attempts so far have proved futile. This is why I said earlier: it’s fucking hard. Bad habits, for whatever reason, are much harder to break than good ones. Probably because most good habits require conscious effort, while bad habits are pretty much about doing what’s easiest and most instantly gratifying. …Thoughts?

I will never stop hating my commute, but I suppose I can try going to bed a little earlier.


P.S. If you want to read more from me soon, check out http://norecipelife.wordpress.com/ in the next week or two, as I plan to make a few posts. Here, I’m mostly likely to give brief updates on my progress than anything else. Otherwise, check back in December.

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