…nope, still nothing. Sorry. Writing takes TIME and MOTIVATION, and, more importantly, they both have to happen simultaneously. The times I most feel like writing are usually 1. at work, or 2. during my morning commute. (Never the evening commute, because I’m too tired by then.) So, although I’ve had a number of good ideas and tons of moments of stroking my chin thinking, “I should really work on writing,” I haven’t been productive at all.

I did, however, find this link about being an internet content creator, which is really entertaining. It’s a little bit long, but it will only take you a few minutes to read. The Oatmeal is pretty cool. Very cute animation, clever humor (but not pretentiously clever). I enjoy looking at it from time to time.

A few more food adventures have happened, which you can read on my other blog. The blog evolution process has begun: No-Recipe Life will be the dwelling place for all of my life and food goings-on, and this site will become devoted to actual creative writing, rather than the glorified livejournal I’ve sometimes thought it is… I will not be going back to delete previous journal-style posts, but from now on it will be strictly writing with the occasional update-y post, like this one. If you like hearing about what I do with my time and random crap like that, hang out on No-Recipe Life and you will.

My last post was a sort of experimental multi-media idea. I had these thoughts pop up while Running Up That Hill played in my head, and I figured it would work better if I posted the video along with the text. As a side note, you should go check out the Placebo and Within Temptation covers of that song. Both are very good.

If I try really hard, I might be able to shake off some of the life-stress, and then it might be easier to convince myself to write. For now I think I’ll just try to make this headache go away.

4 thoughts on “Lately

  1. I feel your pain. Thanks for posting this, it is exactly how I have been feeling but unable to articulate. ❤ I look forward to when all is right in the universe and you are inspired and able to write. 🙂

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