Another Life #27

What if the version of you that exists in one universe has to be miserable so that you can be happy  in another reality? And what if you’re the one stuck in the unhappy existence? Would the balance be trans-universal, or contained within each universe itself (that is, which makes more sense)? Is there really a balance at all?

3 thoughts on “Another Life #27

  1. I agree, nice rumination—it puts me in mind of something I saw on Nova (I think) about \”spooky action at a distance,\” the idea of two objects affecting each other across limitless space. And perhaps you and your twin are both equally sad and happy overall, but simply opposite, minute to minute?

  2. This assumes that there is a limited amount of happiness in the universe.

    But: what if the two “you’s” in these two universes had all the same things, and all the same people around them, and the same talents, etc. And all that was different was that one was happy, and one was miserable.

    Of course, that’s pretty much what Doug is saying. (I think.)

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