Estimated Total…

I wrote five pages at one point last week, which was great.


That’s basically all I’ve written for at least two months. Probably much longer. Like six months.


I don’t really know why, other than the lack of a good workspace. And time. I only ever get writing done if I have a big chunk of time open in my schedule. Would you like to know how often that happens? Well, I’ll let you know if it ever does.


I think this puts me in the category of one of at least thousands of people with talent who will never get anywhere because I never do the necessary work. That just SUCKS. Someone tell me to write.


I keep thinking, once I’m really settled in to my new job, when I get my room organized… and of course, they’re all just reasons to procrastinate.


How do you get yourself to write, other than just sitting down and doing it? (Do NOT say set aside a time to write every day. My schedule really doesn’t allow that.) I really would like a suggestion. I need to get back into practice because I think I’m starting to lose my ability to write well.

2 thoughts on “Estimated Total…

  1. Here’s another idea — writing prompts! Once a day (any time) pick a line from a poem or from a novel and do a timed writing period. Something short is best, like 4 minutes 20 seconds — we do that at Barbara’s workshops. You can stop at the end of the time, or if you are on a roll, just keep going. Don’t tell me you don’t have 4 minutes 20 seconds available every day….I know you can carve out that time, now it’s just do it!! (I’m telling you, to also remind

  2. Try joining–or starting–a writing group. The meetings will give you the externally set deadline that might help. Also, what would you need to have the right space for writing? Table/desk and chair? Maybe we can help you get set up!

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