As I type this (on my old computer), I am setting up my brand new (kind of enormous) laptop. Yes, it is a Toshiba, and it has Windows 7. Yes, I did manage to stay at my projected budget of 400 (not including tax). It’s nice, sometimes to have brand new things… especially when the old ones weren’t really doing so well. Keyboards with sticking m keys are super hard to type on. Go ahead and try it, tell me I’m wrong.

I’m adaptable, so because it was important to me to acquire my new computer today, and no later, I ended up with a very pretty computer that’s a lot bigger than I was thinking. I was trying to go for an extra-portable one, so I could carry it around with me everywhere and work on writing in cafes with free wifi. I can still do that of course, but instead of doing so with a nice compact 11″ screen, I’ll be lugging around a full 15.6 inches. (That’s what she said?) So, not so easy to carry – and possible it doesn’t fit into my bag. I’ll have to check.


On the plus side, it’ll be fantastic for watching movies and it’ll be so easy to read my writing on the screen… I think I’m going to have to start doing visual stuff with this huge screen. Pressure!


And look! I3 processor! Which, from what I’m told, is a good thing.


Biggest downside: my old laptop has recovery discs, to reload the operating system with those “factory settings” everyone keeps talking about, if it starts having problems. Unfortunately, I didn’t get that with the new one. Which means… if it does start having problems I will actually have to send it to a professional to fix.

And really, that sucks.


But new computer! Optimism! Future! And stuff like that! No, really. I’m happy.

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