My First World Problems

1. I’m addicted to pizza. I’m pretty sure it’s official at this point.

2. I haven’t had chocolate for at least three days since really, really wanting some. When I go grocery shopping, I am definitely going to get some chocolate. (However, I do have some whipped cream in my fridge and the other day I ate some. Plain.)

3. I can’t ever seem to have enough shoes.

4. Modcloth – any time I buy the thing I want most from the site, they add new stock that I want at least that much…

5. My laptop is too big to be convenient for travel. Great for watching dvds, though – although the speakers aren’t great for that.

6. My ipod battery runs out so quickly.

7. So many books. So little time…


Feel free to suggest more fwp’s, or add your own, in the comments.


As I type this (on my old computer), I am setting up my brand new (kind of enormous) laptop. Yes, it is a Toshiba, and it has Windows 7. Yes, I did manage to stay at my projected budget of 400 (not including tax). It’s nice, sometimes to have brand new things… especially when the old ones weren’t really doing so well. Keyboards with sticking m keys are super hard to type on. Go ahead and try it, tell me I’m wrong.

I’m adaptable, so because it was important to me to acquire my new computer today, and no later, I ended up with a very pretty computer that’s a lot bigger than I was thinking. I was trying to go for an extra-portable one, so I could carry it around with me everywhere and work on writing in cafes with free wifi. I can still do that of course, but instead of doing so with a nice compact 11″ screen, I’ll be lugging around a full 15.6 inches. (That’s what she said?) So, not so easy to carry – and possible it doesn’t fit into my bag. I’ll have to check.


On the plus side, it’ll be fantastic for watching movies and it’ll be so easy to read my writing on the screen… I think I’m going to have to start doing visual stuff with this huge screen. Pressure!


And look! I3 processor! Which, from what I’m told, is a good thing.


Biggest downside: my old laptop has recovery discs, to reload the operating system with those “factory settings” everyone keeps talking about, if it starts having problems. Unfortunately, I didn’t get that with the new one. Which means… if it does start having problems I will actually have to send it to a professional to fix.

And really, that sucks.


But new computer! Optimism! Future! And stuff like that! No, really. I’m happy.


We are not aware of falling asleep. We usually don’t realize it has happened until we wake up. Sometimes we lay in bed for a while, feeling the difference between dreaming and wakefulness.

Sometimes we become aware of the dream while in it. And then we either wake up gently, or immediately, or just keep dreaming.

Sometimes, after waking up to the dream, if we do choose to stay in it, our consciousness drifts again, and we forget that we have not woken up.

Dreams feel so real while we’re in them. I’d like to say I can tell the difference – that I know for sure when I am awake.

But I might be wrong.

Another Life #22

He stands at the top of a hill, arms and head thrown back, and flashing fireworks burst forth from his mouth, taking off through the air. Passerby do not see him. He might (as well) be invisible. 


(I have not determined the purpose of this micro yet, but the image came into my head.) 

Strangest Things #3

There is a sound on the air. An echo of words that have never been spoken. Words that bleed into each other, rendering the message indistinct. But if you could hear, you would not believe. Words are so often untrue – representing intentions, perhaps, but not reality. Should I even open my mouth? Certainly, words would escape, spill over, if I did. And some of them would be really true, objectively true, to the entire world. But most of them would be true only for a moment, only to me, and fade out or drop off before they have a chance to become true.