Developments in…

Developments in life, none in writing…

I have had my last day of work at the part-time job I’m leaving, and next Tuesday I will start work at Academic Studies Press. I am excited. I’m also excited to get my tax refund back. Who wouldn’t be?


I haven’t don’t any writing lately, still, but I have two pieces of almost-news.

1) I am nearly done reading A Visit To The Goon Squad. I’m taking a long time to read books these days so this does actually feel like an accomplishment, if a somewhat lame one. I wasn’t really that impressed for the first 100 to 150 pages, but once I got a little deeper into it the content got deeper with me, and now I am even thinking I’ll reread this book… one day.


2) A few of my blog-readers will remember a story that is titled 2042… well, after a lot of time on the shelf, I have FINALLY figured out how to continue it. So, once I get a few things squared away and have both time and motivation to work on writing, I’ll be starting on that. I’m feeling pretty optimistic about this story, which, if you read it and remember the main character, seems appropriate.


And perhaps in the meantime, I’ll come out with a few more Another Lives and Strangest Things.


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