Strangest Things #2

I was cleaning my room – just a basic straightening, actually, not even a thorough clean – on a regular old weekday. Queen’s Innuendo album played at a mild volume from my computer. And when I moved my hamper, I found a shooting star in the corner, flying back and forth.

Of course, just as anyone would do, I made to pick it up. It shot out of my hands leaving a trail of stardust and began to zip all around the bedroom. Its burning body left streaks across my vision, but I could not stop looking at it. I tried a few more times to grab it, but it moved too quickly. I couldn’t catch it. I gave up after not too long, turned off the light, and lay on my bed, listening to “Ride the Wild Wind” and watching the shooting star buzz all around like some kind of heavenly housefly.


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