I completed my 25th birthday a week ago (well, a week and two days, but who’s counting – besides me?). I say completed because I didn’t really do anything to celebrate that day. Just came home from work and made a tasty dinner… (celebrating happened on Saturday. But why am I still talking about this?)

The point of bringing this up was not, in fact, to describe exactly how the days surrounding my birthday went, but to say next that this is part of the reason I really want to self-publish this year. (That is, I want to publish this year, and I am recognizing that I will probably have to take it into my own hands.) First significant (that is more than a few pages) work published at 25. Sounds good, don’t you think?

The thing is, I make the getting published this year resolution all the time. So who knows how this will go. I also have not done much writing in the last few weeks/months. I am hoping that the new computer I am soon buying will help motivate me.


Here is my question to you: Where did my inspiration go?

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