Another Day…

Another screw up. …Crap

I got my MCC artist fellowship application done, got the submission all set to go, printed it, and hand delivered it to the office. I was worrying that I was missing something, but I looked over those submission guidelines numerous times and didn’t see anything about a cover page. Looking over them yet again, I noticed that they ask for a printed copy of your work summary with the manuscript. Somehow I didn’t see that at all before. The way these things go, I probably disqualified myself right there.


All I can say is, oh well. I didn’t think this submission would actually get me a grant. I only submitted it because I’d decided I was going to. That’s all. The end.

It’s possible that the first formation of the collected Another Life tales is the only good that will come out of this… plus the discovery of a place where I can print manuscripts cheaply! As opposed to the $.50 per page that I’ve been spending…

I feel a little stupid for having done this. EVERYONE knows, read the submission guidelines carefully because if you don’t follow them they are not going to consider your work. And yet… I somehow managed to skip over that one step when reading them over and over and over. Seems unnecessarily silly, to me.

It’s done now. So, on to February. In between work and turning 25, I am going to spend much more of my free time working on writing.


I always say that, but this time I mean it!

Where’d January Go?

On Monday I had nearly 40 views on this blog. And they were all me.

I was going through my Another Life posts and whatever other microfiction pieces I’ve put on here, collecting them to put together as a submission to a writing contest. More on that later.


In the meantime, I just wanted to let you all know I’m still alive. You know. In case you were wondering. And I am hoping to have more strokes of inspiration in February than I did in January. More for you to read. I hope you’re excited.

Another Life #20, or, This Life

Mid-chase, I have forgotten who or what it was I’ve been trying so hard to catch. Heavily winded and distracted by the demands of everyday life, the focus of the pursuit is lost.


But when you have been going for so long, how do you stop? The momentum is too strong, and I keep running toward something now unknown. I can’t even be sure I’m heading in the right direction. In part, I am standing still, never making progress. And elsewhere, I am still running so fast that I can’t see what flashes by.