End Times!

The new year’s almost here. Time for a writing update.

Anyone remember this post? Here’s the follow-up on that… the answer is no, I did not make a Twitter account and enter this contest. I did intend to, but when I was reading the prompt, I couldn’t come up with any ideas that worked with their theme – at least, nothing that would have been interesting or original. Nothing I’ve already written would have worked. So I left that one aside, and procrastinated on my other writing instead.

Also, in reference to that post, I want to apologize to Twitter users… it may have come across that I think using Twitter is in some way reprehensible (and I guess that would depend entirely on how you use it), and that’s not what I meant. If you like Twitter, good for you. I just don’t feel like it’s for me, at least not for now.

As for my other writing, you’ve already seen most of what I’ve worked on lately. I posted it here. I fully intend to start working on some of my bigger projects again soon, and some of the short stories I’ve been looking at more recently. Biggest frustration at the moment, other than the m key that sticks, is the missing flash drive. I’m pretty sure it’s not going to turn up at this point, and in any case I can’t wait until it does. I’m kind of pissed, actually, because I was sure I had printed out the revised versions of the Krishna stories, but I can only find the first draft versions. Now I have to do the second drafts over again. And I had at least two of the stories just the way I wanted them. Goddamnit.

But not all is bad. I had a pretty great Christmas. I have a few cool new books to inspire me, a nice stash of chocolate, some new music to write to, and a smartphone – so now I can check my blog when I’m not at home. If I’m inspired when I’m out, I can post right away, and then obsessively keep track of how many views I’m getting. Sounds awesome, right?

Another Life #19

Inspired by this ridiculous wind.


I possess the most powerful lungs in the universe. My breath is a hurricane. I inhale and tree branches groan toward me from miles away. I let the breath go, and buildings are flattened under the current I create. I can hold my breath for seven years at once.

This is year six.

Another Life #18

You were a fairy tale, sweet and sad with a strangeness that everyone loved. You had skin whiter than snow, lips like rubies, and hair darker than raven’s feathers. You cried pearls and bled black diamonds that sparkled across the snow of your body. Your gaze felt like needles, and you could speak the cruelest words in the kindest voice.

Another Life #17

I am standing in a vast desert, the sand burning my feet as snow falls around me. For some reason I want to sing, but my voice has been taken by an angel I met the other day, who put it into a jar, where it buzzed around like a tiny melodic fly. My coat is made of red plastic. An hour ago it was melting in the sun. Now I pull it tight against my shoulders and it barely cuts the chill at all. My eyes turn everything violet, and I start to see a vision of the ocean. I know it must be a mirage, because it never touches the ground, but washes upon a midair shore instead.

To-Twit, To-Who – Or Something Like That

So far I have pretty much avoided Twitter at all costs. I don’t have a Twitter account and I don’t really want one. Yay, me, sticking to my principles!

It would seem, however, that resistance is futile. As they say.

There’s a writing contest I want to enter. I heard about it through GalleyCat, which does occasionally provide information I actually find useful. This is a link to the info. If you feel like entering, you should. http://www.unstuckbooks.org/contest

If you clicked on the link, you probably noticed that you have to follow them on Twitter in order to enter. I think this is a stupid rule, as writing, and having one’s writing recognized, should not depend on who you follow on Twitter. Although it is a pretty smart way to gain a few more followers.

The dilemma: I’m actually good at microfiction. I have been for a while  now. Although I find it difficult to find microfiction contests that seem worth entering – not to mention that my favorite pieces never seem to be the favorites of my readers… of course, that’s beside the point.

The point being, this contest might be worth entering – or, considering how much I DON’T want a Twitter account, it might not be. I have a little time to decide, so my plan is to create the piece(s) and then, before the deadline, decide if I want to make an account and follow Unstuck in order to submit. If not, I can always post the writing here. 😀

Question to Twitter users: Do you feel it’s worthwhile to have an account? Assuming that you use it on a regular basis, because I figure that if I do create an account I should commit and do regular posts, maybe gain some new fans for my fiction and inch slightly closer to “fame” as a writer.

“Fame” is in quotes because I don’t really want to be famous. People who just want fame do silly things like marry for publicity and get pictures of their junk posted online. …Yeah, I’m not doing that.