Slow Spring

I have suffered a distinct lack of blog posts lately, and I have the lack of views to prove it. Somehow my energy has been channeled toward other, somewhat pointless things during my free time. Such as Netflix… I seriously mean to change it, which I think means it’s time to come up with some more Another Life posts – as well as updates on my short stories. Let’s start with that now –

I started my second version of Creme Brulee, the one I intend to publish. So far I’ve got an opening scene and three named characters. I’ve made a resolution to finish it very soon… we’ll see how that goes.

In an attempt to be more productive, I’ve bought a moleskin planner to keep track of/organize my writing projects. It starts in July, so I still have a few weeks left before I can start using it. I have to say, I’m looking forward to being organized about writing – although I have a feeling that it will be cluttered with little notes about anything and everything, so it’ll be “organized” the way my bedroom is – I can usually find everything, but it tends to look like a bit of a mess, and there’s never any free surface space.


I also want some more short stories to write. Does anyone have any story ideas they would like me to try? I’m open to suggestion and you never know, I just might pick yours. I’ll even credit you for the idea if I ever end up publishing what I write.

Sadly I have to go to work again, but I will try my best to write more often for those who are interested in my writer’s journey.

Somewhat random question: Who thinks more people will be interested after I have work published and a solid fan base?

3 thoughts on “Slow Spring

  1. Wish you could have heard us last week. Zoned in on Egypt, mummies, zombies, weird wolfs, and vampires. We were turning everything into every transmortification of spiecies and genre. Sara Palin vampire-PRADA Exec.

  2. Life does tend to distract from blogging; I know exactly what you mean with it. In the end, it’s just a matter of focusing hard enough to keep up your goal. A weekly blog, twice a week – whatever choice you make. Do your best. Something that tends to help me is thinking, “Once I post a blog, I can go do XYZ.”
    Sometimes it’s reading, though more commonly it’s playing a game or watching a show. Find something that works for you; it’s just a matter of figuring out what you want to do and then locating the willpower to keep it up!

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