Bag Blogger! No Cookie!

When I created this space for sharing my writing, I was sure that I would NEVER have a lapse in posting, maybe a little more than a week at the most. I would push myself when I needed to and gain tons of faithful readers and blog posts would just fly from my keyboard without effort. I know, that whole idea seems very, very unrealistic.

Not least because, in order to get that many people to read your blog, you have to be famous already or just have that easily visible je ne sais quoi. (Mine is harder to notice – probably because I never post anymore…) But who wants an obvious je ne sais quoi?

Now I seem to have become one of those neglectful bloggers who leaves my lovely little blog all alone, its spirit drooping as time goes on…

Of course, I notice that people haven’t been checking back every so often to see if I’ve posted anything new. If they were I would have a few more site views.

Ah well, I sigh and move on.

I thought I would make myself write something today, because June is almost over. That’s right, we’re almost in July! It’s crazy, right? Somehow time always flies… And why have I only posted a few times in early June? Lack of time and inspiration, I guess. I’ve been working six days a week, usually, and although I wish I were writing more, I just don’t hear that voice of my muse much these days. I believe that if I had more time, then it would be easier to get into the habit, and it would come more easily, but who knows? Maybe it’s actually something I’m doing wrong…

I might write another Another Life later today. Get some actual creative posts up. Check later!

A Langston Hughes Poem

You know the one – it starts “Hold fast to dreams…”

It’s terrible, what we do. We have these dreams, and we let them fall to the wayside as life gets in the way. It doesn’t matter what we really want, because the culmination of our dreams feels so far away that pursuing them just seems pointless – or, at the least, like something that we can just get around to eventually. …Oh, I’m sorry. I shouldn’t say “we,” I should just speak for myself. This is what happens to my dreams.

Dreams are like that cup of coffee you accidentally left on top of the car before driving on the highway. You’re going to have to get another cup, because you’re never getting that one back.

Outside my window, a tree full of green leaves stands out against brick buildings and a uniformly gray sky. I want to be walking the peaceful streets of Cork, back when I was 21 and newly heartbroken and still having an amazing time in Ireland, the one place I had always wanted to go. What would happen if I picked up and moved to Ireland? I mean, aside from having no job and no money and ending up living in a field with a whole lot of sheep – what would my life be if I made that decision? Sometimes I wonder if there could be some way, of which I know nothing, that would make it possible. And as lonely and pained as I would be to once again be somewhere I have no friends or family, I bet I would do it. Ireland calls to me, but I don’t know if I’ll ever get back.

Slow Spring

I have suffered a distinct lack of blog posts lately, and I have the lack of views to prove it. Somehow my energy has been channeled toward other, somewhat pointless things during my free time. Such as Netflix… I seriously mean to change it, which I think means it’s time to come up with some more Another Life posts – as well as updates on my short stories. Let’s start with that now –

I started my second version of Creme Brulee, the one I intend to publish. So far I’ve got an opening scene and three named characters. I’ve made a resolution to finish it very soon… we’ll see how that goes.

In an attempt to be more productive, I’ve bought a moleskin planner to keep track of/organize my writing projects. It starts in July, so I still have a few weeks left before I can start using it. I have to say, I’m looking forward to being organized about writing – although I have a feeling that it will be cluttered with little notes about anything and everything, so it’ll be “organized” the way my bedroom is – I can usually find everything, but it tends to look like a bit of a mess, and there’s never any free surface space.


I also want some more short stories to write. Does anyone have any story ideas they would like me to try? I’m open to suggestion and you never know, I just might pick yours. I’ll even credit you for the idea if I ever end up publishing what I write.

Sadly I have to go to work again, but I will try my best to write more often for those who are interested in my writer’s journey.

Somewhat random question: Who thinks more people will be interested after I have work published and a solid fan base?