Another Life #11

I haven’t slept for seven months. I work during the day. The rest of the time, between preparing and eating meals and running necessary errands, I write. I’ve written three book-length stories in that time. None of them are finished, of course. They need editing. But the lack of sleep has given me some excellent writing fodder. The hallucinations started in week two. I know they’re hallucinations because I see people who have died. Among other… things. Creatures, horrors, fairies, paradise, forests, valleys, trenches, deep abysses I fall through as I sit at my desk and type furiously.  I write about what I see, and I know I never could have come up with these things on my own. People will be dying to find out where I get my ideas. When they ask, I will say, “I come up with a concept before I can see the image, and as I write it takes form in my mind’s eye.” And of course, they’ll believe me. If I can survive that long on no sleep.

[Note: before you ask, no, this is not even remotely true. I sleep too much. There is a reason this is part of the Another Life series.]

Get Ready

I’ve decided that the best way to get people to read my work is to publish it for free.

Of course, I also want to make money as a writer (eventually), so I won’t publish everything for free. But I want to start really getting my writing out there for readers. Today I dug out a copy of a short story with revision comments, to rewrite and polish and then put on self-publishing sites for free. I won’t be posting it here, but I will certainly put links to it several places on this site. It’s called Creme Brulee: A Love Story. Look out for it!

After which I plan to work on September 2042 until I’m happy with it, and that story will also be published on the same sites. (Right now I’m thinking Amazon and Smashwords, but I will have to do research on that.)

I figure that people will be more inclined to “purchase” these things and, hopefully, read them if they’re offered for free. If I create a fan base, however small, with my short stories, then they should be willing to buy my books, or ebooks, when I finally publish one.

In other news, the rapture is about to happen and I got my third tattoo. Interesting day…


I feel guilty that I’ve been neglecting my blog. It makes me feel like quite a bad writer. But thing have not been coming together for me to have much chance to write lately…

I’ve been working five or six days a week, and when you consider the commute time of an hour or more, and sleep, that does not leave a whole lot of free time. Of course, I could always give up sleep, but I can sadly no longer function on the few hours of sleep I used to use quite well. Six hours a night used to be ok. Now I usually need much closer to 8 in order to feel functional, and not droopy-eyed. I would give… something… to be able to function on less sleep.

Then, of course, there’s my computer, which has been extremely temperamental lately, hindering my ability to have a reliable working tool. I could get it fixed, but I want to avoid spending that money until I absolutely have to. In the meantime, I suppose I could return to handwritten work, but that does not excite me. Particularly since I will then have to type up the writing I do, an extra step that should have been avoidable.

But beyond that, I honestly just don’t know what you’d all like to read. I don’t get a lot of feedback when I post creative work here, so I don’t know for sure if anyone’s even reading it. I don’t know if you like it. If I remember correctly, the pieces I like most get the least feedback. Thoughts? Suggestions? Requests?

Next post: organizing my thoughts and projects. Or, Another Life…