Once Ric, the main character in my Sleeping Beauty tale, has gotten on his way, then I will be on my way to publishing an ebook. This will not be a work of literary genius. It will be more of a well-written, high-fantasy style novel/novella with a fair bit more originality than most high fantasy tends to have. Although I’m not writing it that way, I might list it as a YA book, because it might make sense to target that group in order to sell books. There are plenty of adults of my age and even older that still read YA books. Including me, sometimes.

I have never bought or read an ebook. I’ve read fanfiction online, and various online literary mags, but so far no ebooks. I feel like doing market research in the form of acquiring some ebooks, or maybe reading available samples of titles that have sold well in that form. It will help me when I get to the editing and marketing stages…

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a writer in order to make money. I’m a writer because I’m a writer. With that in mind, I’d strongly prefer to make money from my writing than not to. Screw being a misunderstood artist in my time, I’d rather have readers who appreciate my work now, and who I can talk to and be actively grateful for their admiration.

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