Self-Publishing on FictionPress

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I wrote this story a while ago, and started submitting it to online lit magazines. So far, no one’s been interested in publishing it. I would have to submit to many more in order to say I’ve waited patiently, but in this case I’m not worried about that. The story was written months ago and I want people to be able to read it. I doubt I’ll ever do much editing of this particular piece, either. Instead of waiting, I’ve decided to post it on, a free site for any writing to post any work they want to (within the site’s guidelines).

The story is called September 2042, and my user name, shockingly enough, is Deva Jasheway. Here is the link. Send it to your friends! I would appreciate reviews with specific comments. Constructive criticism is always welcome.

4 thoughts on “Self-Publishing on FictionPress

  1. But I don’t have a good imagination! That’s why you are a writer and I’m not. You have a wonderful imagination and a way with words.

    • Well, I’ll say this: Someday, I might come back to this story and we’ll all find out what happens after September’s mother gives her the news – but for now, that’s all there is. Not all there is to the story, but all that is to be written.

  2. I read this story before. I liked it then, and I still like it. I was hoping that you would “complete” it. It’s a wonderful start, but to me it needs more story.

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