Sweet Progress

The title of this post would have been so ridiculously appropriate if I had worked on “Creme Brulee: A Love Story.” I did not, although I’ve been planning on it for days.


HOWEVER!!! Happily, I managed to write a substantial chunk of the Helen story today – that is, a substantial chunk compared to what I usually get done, not in terms of the entire story. I wrote around two pages, which is more than I usually write in a week, these days…

As a result, I have enough to post the next section of Chapter 2, as soon as I’ve read it over. As I seem to be noting continuously, i.e. annoyingly, I’m only doing bare minimum editing, if that, at this time, so if things are far from perfect in these blog posts, that’s how I intend it to be.

I probably could have just posted the pages of the story, without this separate lead-in post, but I hope you appreciate the sense of anticipation when waiting for a promised story or part of a story. Look for another part of Chapter 2 before the end of the week!

3 thoughts on “Sweet Progress

  1. Creme Brulee – A Love Story sounds epic… I dont actually like Creme Brulee but that isnt necessarily relevant.

    On a previous post, you stated that the lack of a desk was causing you a problem. I’ve recently cleared up my spare room so I can use the desk, and it has been a great help – it also helps that my wifi connection is too puny to work in that room, since it is at the other end of the house! And so I have no distractions and I must admit it has really helped me get down and do some work.

    I read a tip by a published author (whose name I embarassingly forget) but who said “Anyone who has an internet connection where they work isnt really a writer.” Now I think he might be a little extreme, but there is a lot to be said for finding somewhere without distractions where you can write.

    Thanks for the comment on my blog, and best of luck with your writing.

    • I agree that writing where there isn’t an internet connection can be helpful to focus, but sometimes my mind tries to go in so many directions at once that I can’t focus on writing unless I have distractions, like music playing. Weird, huh? And whoever that writer is, their comment annoys me. You can’t say someone isn’t a writer just because they have methods you don’t understand…

      I’m glad my story title interested you, as that is usually the desired function of titles. Check back in a week or two, I might actually have it posted.

      Thanks for the mutual blog commenting!

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