Helen Update: More to Come

If you’ve missed my previous posts of this untitled Helen of Troy novel, you can read chapter 1 here.

All my inward debating about posting my Helen of Troy novel has led me to conclude that more is needed to capture the desired amount of interest from readers. I don’t think I will post the entire novel – that still seems not to be the best option – but I definitely intend to share more of it. I’m thinking the first three chapters or so – perhaps up to four, although I believe 25 pages is the publishing industry norm for a sample of a manuscript. Three chapters should get me to 25 pages easily. In fact, I believe I’ll reach that mark in two chapters; depending on how far the plot goes in the first two chapters, I may still post the third. Thoughts? I’m sure anyone who is interested would rather read a bit more than a bit less.

Now I must ask for a favor: if, when you’re reading Helen, you can think of any friends who would enjoy it, I ask you to direct them to the posts of the chapters. I want my writing to be seen, and that seems far less likely to happen if it isn’t recommended by those who read it. I’m grateful no matter what if you’re reading my blog, but you’ll be more likely to be able to read the whole novel if I have a slightly larger following urging me to put the whole story out to read. (And publishers might be willing to pick me up as a previously unpublished author if they know there are people who want to read my work.) Thank you!

5 thoughts on “Helen Update: More to Come

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  2. Dear Deva,
    I read your Helen of Troy stories, and they are splendid. Helen is such a cute girl, and I love her intriguing characteristics, assumingly coming from her age. I’m looking forward to the rest of the story.
    I’ve been reading your blog and your stories are great. The detailed descriptions of the thoughts of your characters in the stories are realistic. I have been reading fiction and short stories since I was small, and have written short stories myself. Recently, I wrote a short story about a computer and a mouse having a quarrel with each other, and I was wondering if you would consider posting it on your blog.
    If you are interested in seeing the story, please let me know and I will send it to you as an attached file. My e-mail address is smile_with_friends@msn.com. Hope to hear from you soon!


    • Oh, not remotely. It’s barely started, in fact, even though I’m happy with what I have so far. I’ve come to think that the writing of the novel will be easier once I’ve read some more on the historical aspects of the Trojan War. It’s not that I’m planning to adhere to them, but the deviations are likely to be more effective if they’re intended.

      • You were BORN to write, Deva. I wouldn’t have expected text this beautiful until the final revision! Hurry up. I want to read the rest. No, I shouldn’t say that. Great masterpieces must not be hurried.

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