Helen Update

At last, a week later than desired, I feel like I’m starting to make actual progress on this story. I’m really digging in now. I’ve got it in my head. When I sit down at my computer I can write more than one sentence at a time. It feels good.

I forgot how much I dislike this “first draft” business. In some cases I do much preparation before writing, so that I won’t have to go back and edit in research and details. This time, I can tell that the story will be fleshed out quite a bit in the second draft stage. I suppose once I get used to the idea, I won’t think about it so much. For now it is a little distracting to think of how much will change later on. However, like many things I will push it out of my mind until I’m really truly focused on the writing alone.

If I keep up the current pace, I might finish Chapter 1 by the end of the weekend. I plan to post part or all of it, and I hope that I’ll get at least a few constructive comments… my biggest question for the chapter: do you get a sense of the character? (If you have to ask which character, you didn’t read very carefully.)

At the very least, I’m writing again, and enjoying it rather a lot.

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